Monday, September 7, 2009


Alhamdulillah..first of all,praise to Allah..we've enter the middle of Ramadhan..17 days we've been fasting in search for forgiveness and 'redha' from Allah..hope as a ummah of Muhammad S.A.W,this Ramadhan we'll be the month to purely upgrade our iman..and may Allah forgive us all..

Syukralillah a'ala kulli nikmah..
At last,i got my 2nd sem result..a month of awaiting..Alhamdulillah..i've passed this sem and with
no 'C' yet (if got C,i'll surely cry)..although it's too late to be post up coz i got some problem with my internet..

And here are of my result:

Physiology : A-
Microbiology : A-
Biochemistry : A -
Histology : A-
Pharmacology : B+
Anatomy : B
Pathology : B

4(A-) 1(B+) 2(B) to my last this time got some 'penurunan' in result..i lost my one 'A'..haih~
i got my pathology bolded out since at first it's suppose to be B+..but when the university done some recheck on pathology subject..i've been down graded to B..surely quite sad..but what to say it's not my luck..
maybe i did something wrong last few days..and been pay-off coz of it...astaghfirullahal a'azim..may Allah forgive me)

my frens in malaysia ask of how our marks would,i posted out of how of our marks been graded..

A : 95-100
A- : 90-94
B+ : 85-89
B : 80-84
B- : 75-79
C+: 70-74
C : 65-69
C- : 60-64

Here are of our system..below than 60 are consider failed(
i don't want to write it down the marks and grade here)'s quite high and hard..need to struggle out to be the best..

Ok..enough talking about result..

For those who got straight 'A's..mabruk a'alaikum..(
tabrik spring kat korg..hehe)..surely they got pay of what they've been working for..

For those whom their result are better than should be some motivation for to be better&hardworking for the next sem..

And for those who are unlucky...brave yourself..surely know that you are been chosen by Allah to be tested..and'll be paid for your patience for the next sem..all the best,my frens..
rabbuna yusahillukum =)

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