Monday, August 31, 2009

:::One Memory:::

7 years..
since i shifted..
it's been a long time passed..

till we bump-off each other..
laughed together..
we've never forget..
a bunch of memories..
talking about through out the years..
being each other..

what a coincidence..
after choosing in our own way..
we got the chance to meet each other..

i'm very glad of it..
for the memories..
i scanned & uploaded..
some of old photos..
just for all of u..

6 Cemerlang & 6 Taubah

Growing up together..
2 Anggerik

although we didn't knew yet the real world is..
3 Anggerik & 3 Saidina Umar

the same persons being through..
4 Cemerlang

5 Cemerlang

being naughty together..haha~

it's like a reunion..

by now,
we all have our own ways..
we still share one memory..

Friendship forever~

Gudluck ;)